Measurement in dam for flowing waters - Water and Wastewater

Application: Dam wall 130 years old, approx. 500 m length, made of quarry stone with clay core. Gallery inside of dam wall to check seepage volumes. Seepage volumes ranging from ml/s to l/s. Currently seepage water volumes are manually determined once per week.

  • Detection of low volumes of seepage water within the dam gallery for continuous monitoring and early warning prior to dam break in case of increasing seepage volumes
  • Sensor installation in dam interior with 100% humidity
  • Continuous evaluation of flow rates and monitoring outside of the dam area in a distance of approx. 1000 m in control cabinet

  • A flow measurement system Type NivuFlow 750 was used.
  • The low flow volumes were combined using a pipe DN 100. A cross correlation pipe sensor detects the very low flow volume inside of the full pipe within a few mm.
  • A water-proof installed MPX preamplifier transmits the flow velocity signals  measured on site to the transmitter in a distance of 1000 m.

  • Reliable transmission of signals to the transmitter over a distance of 1000 m
  • Permanent monitoring of the old construction ensures the safety of the people living behind the dam