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Measurement solution for fire testing for the railway industry - Manufacturing, Other

A lot of research is carried out in laboratory and on real fires as to the gaseous substances produced in fire effluent. Measurement principles using analytical instrumentation are becoming more widely used in fire testing, due to the quick, real-time nature of the measurements. ISO 19702 is an international standard developed for the use of FTIR analysers in the analysis of gas from fire effluents. Further to this, local test standards such as DIN 5510, applicable to the railway industry, can provide further requirements for gases to be measured.

Protea's new atmosFIR FTIR gas analyser meets the requirements of these standards that test laboratories who measure fire gas effluent follow. The FTIR gas analyser is a powerful tool in gas analysis, with its full spectrum capability allowing for measurement of all required gases in combustion.

atmosFIR makes these measurements straight out of the box with no training or complicated set-up required!