Measurement solution for siloxane monitoring in biogas and landfill

The generation of electricity from municipal digesters and land fill is of increasing interest, as the biogas can allow for a form of renewable energy. Organosilicon compounds often find their way into land-fill or digester gases as siloxanes. Siloxanes are low-level hazards to the atmosphere in terms of their emissions, however when they are combusted in gas engines the hard silica that is produced is very harsh to the moving parts of the gas engine.

Protea has developed an analytical model and measurement solution using our atmosFIR FTIR gas analysers that allows speciation of siloxanes on-line. The full spectrum technique of FTIR also allows for the measurement of the main gas components, CH4, CO2, NH3 etc. The siloxanes present can vary from different sites, but Protea has a thorough list of analytes, including straight and cyclic silioxane compounds, and we can report individual, speciated siloxanes as well as a Total Siloxane result.