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Complex, difficult-to-treat wastewater. Landfill leachate is a complex effluent with high concentrations of organics and heavy metals that poses significant environmental risk if left untreated. Our clients require consistent permeate quality to meet stringent environmental regulations.

While this class of wastewater typically requires several treatment steps, high performance membranes are at the heart of meeting stringent discharge regulations including zero liquid discharge (ZLD) applications. In fact, RO membranes are the only treatment technology that can consistently provide high quality treated effluent, even if the feed varies.

In the table, we show the performance of a ST+ RO membrane landfill leachate treatment system. Per the process diagram, the leachate was acidified and then mechanically prefiltered before being fed to a two-stage ST+ system.  Excellent permeate quality results from this RO membrane process.

Experience is the difference

The AquaZoom™ reverse osmosis membrane module technology has been used in more than 81 landfill leachate treatment installations over the last 10 years. 

Let us help you with your leachate challenge

With your flow, feed quality, and discharge requirements, we can recommend the membrane and module configuration to meet your needs. Talk to us about your situation and we can help optimize overall throughput and membrane performance.

Complex wastewater from chemical conversion: With recent technological advancements, coal can now be economically converted into liquid fuels such as gasoline and diesel, or other petrochemicals. The coal-to-chemical process consumes high volumes of water for cooling systems and a complex wastewater is produced in the liquefaction process.