YMS Recycling Machinery

YMS Recycling Machinery

Metal recycling equipment for Aluminum processing industry - Metal - Aluminium

Jiangyin Hydraulic devoted to offer solution for the biggest apple aluminium products manufacturer, FOxcnn for over 8 years. And designed various systems to help collect every drop of values from Aluminium wastes. In 2016 ,Jiangyin Hydraulic built another production line with functions of waste lifting, crushing, spin-drying, briqutting,liquid collecting system and win Foxcnn’s another admiration. We design and build this system in only 55 days and make the system fully integrated into a 4mx5m area with output capability of 2 ton / hour/ and cost below 100,000 US dollars ! There are not another manufacturer was able to make such a economic system in such short time! We are able to offer solution for various needs and , like what we always do , we will design a whole 3D model with very advanced software and our customer always see what they get before put the order.

Customer cases: Aluminum Briquetting line Lifting, crushing, spin-drying, briquetting.Squeeze every drop of Value From Aluminum Waste

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Aluminum scrap metal, in the form of turnings, filings, chips and shavings, is produced every day of production, piling up on the equipment and floor. Swept up and stored in bins, the scrap metal pieces then take up valuable floor space.

In addition to scrap, the metalworking process also produces sludge, a combination of small aluminum pieces and fluids used during the process. Like scrap, sludge is difficult to store and manage in a manufacturing facility, requiring a multistep process that can take more time, effort and resources than most manufacturers have to invest.

While aluminum and fluid waste can be costly to dispose of and difficult to reuse without processing, there is an often overlooked solution in briquetting. Aluminum briquetting allows manufacturers to both eliminate costs related to waste disposal and create a new source of revenue.
Aluminum briquette machines from Jiangyin Hydraulic transform scrap metal into small briquettes that can be easily stored, removed and even sold. This helps manufacturers reclaim value from once costly aluminum waste products. Each JH briquetting system uses hydraulics to compress aluminum scrap into dense briquettes and separate any fluids used in the metalworking process from the scrap metal. Briquettes created by JH briquetting systems are easy to transport or store and are less likely to experience corrosion, increasing their resale value. The expensive processing fluids squeezed out during the process allows manufacturers to reuse or recycle the fluids as they see fit.

The benefits of implementing an aluminum briquetting system for scrap are numerous. With many manufacturers looking to improve their bottom line, our briquetters offer companies a way to:

  • Squeeze value from aluminum waste;
  • Reclaim valuable floor space;
  • Keep the workplace clean and safe;
  • Eliminate costly disposal fees; and,
  • Generate a new revenue stream from aluminum scrap briquettes and reclaimed fluids.