Metals separation equipment for cleaning metal pollutants from WEEE - Electronics and Computers

REGULATOR-CETRISA, as manufacturer of metals separation equipment, offers different solutions for cleaning metal pollutants from. Before the E-Waste enter into the shredding process, any contaminating material, like batteries, color cartridges, tonners, etc., must be removed manually from the incoming devices.

Shredder is fed with material free of pollutants. Electric and electronic devices are broken for being processed in downstream steps.

From shredding, material reaches a Permanent Magnetic Separator (Overbelt) which takes out the bigger ferrous metals.

Then, high valuable materials, which don’t need any further process, are able to being separated manually.

Remaining materials are shredded again and carried to an automatic sorting process. First, a Magnetic Drum removes any remaining ferrous component before the material reaches the Eddy Current Separator where non-ferrous metals are separated from plastics.

Finally, an AIR-Table is used to separate heavy from light metals.

Additional sorting steps can be integrated into this sorting line, in order to improve sorting results. An automatic Detection System, with induction and optical devices, will help us to achieve cleaner fractions.