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Meteorological sensors for dust monitoring - Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing

Air is lifeblood. Daily we inhale approximately 15.000 liter. Still, the air contains invisible pollutants, which vary in its composition and concentration depending on the location. Especially the respirable particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 µm (PM 2.5) were considered to be particularly dangerous.

Both aerosols and general weather conditions like wind speed and direction influence air quality significantly. This is why many world leader in particle measurements cooperate with us as weather sensor supplier in order to provide complete systems to measure PM2.5 (fine dust), PM10 (particles with a maximum diameter of 10 μm) as well as total PM levels.

As dust monitoring nearly always requires additional environmental data, our professional all-in-one Lufft WS500 and WS300 weather sensors are often chosen as they are as rugged, simple to install and to maintain. The weather sensors deliver information on wind directions and velocities, temperature, air pressure and humidity. Through the open protocols they are easy to integrate into the management software in order to keep all data at a glance.