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Microbial testing for biological wastewater treatment industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Realize a new level of process stability and efficiency! Wastewater operators have traditionally had no choice but to rely on TSS or VSS measurements to quantify biomass in their process. These measurements detect much more than just living biomass and therefore are inaccurate and unresponsive indicators of the living population.

To address this problem, LuminUltra has developed the first and only commercial test kit able to accurately measure true living biomass concentration and health at any step in biological wastewater collection and treatment! LuminUltra's QuenchGone21 Wastewater (QG21W) test kit provides complete results within 5 minutes, allowing real-time microbiological testing and direct insight into biomass response to process changes.

The ability to accurately quantify living biomass provides the basis for dramatic reductions in operating costs. In many cases, this can mean tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year!

For one organization it was shown that reducing the dissolved oxygen from the 4.0 mg O2/L target to 2.0 would have no negative impact on biomass performance. This represented an operating cost savings of nearly $200,000 per year.

Traditional TSS (also referred to as MLSS) measurements measure total solids. This includes not only living microorganisms, but also dead microorganisms and inert materials. VSS (also referred to as MLVSS) measurements hone in more specifically on organic materials, but are still prone to interference.

LuminUltra's Cellular ATP (cATP) measurement isolates the living biomass to provide unparalleled accuracy in detecting living biomass concentration! This measurement can be applied anywhere, from collection systems to aerobic or anaerobic bioreactors, return sludge streams, and effluents before and after disinfection!

In addition to a more specific measurement of living biomass concentration, LuminUltra's QG21W test kit also provides a measurement of biomass health. The Biomass Stress Index (BSI) is a ratio of dead microorganisms to total (living + dead) microorganisms. In all applications, it has been shown that as BSI increases, biomass health is compromised. This can be taken as a measure of biomass stress resulting from toxicity or other stressors.

  • Accurately measure living biomass and health.
  • Optimize addition of oxygen, nutrients, and other additives.
  • Detect toxicity at any point in the process or collection system.
  • Early-warning of settling problems like bulking or deflocculation.
  • Improve dewatering efficiency of secondary sludge.
  • Manage effluent disinfection processes.

The ability to always be aware and in control of biomass health allows you detect process upsets before they happen, so then preventive actions can be taken!

QG21W provides the first line of defense against process upsets in any wastewater treatment facility and in any bioreactor type. In conjunction with other routinely collected data, these results can become an invaluable component of a continuous improvement program.

QG21W provides you with early toxicity detection. Data provided by one of our satisfied customers clearly shows a rise in BSI many days before the final effluent BOD spiked.

Microbiological issues are best addressed in their early stages of growth. The real-time, accurate feedback of QG21W allows operators to identify problems, make preventive or corrective actions, and validate process changes with unparalleled accuracy! And, at only dollars per test, QG21W provides you with an affordable compliment to your existing monitoring programs that helps you save time & money and reduce risks!