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Microbial testing for liquid fuel handling sector - Manufacturing, Other

On-the-spot measurement of total microorganisms! fuel1Microbial growth in liquid hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants presents a major problem. Storage tanks, delivery systems, and filters can become fouled through microbial proliferation and metabolic activity, which results in a myriad of problems, including reduced product quality, storage system corrosion, and filter plugging. The best solution to this problem is early detection and treatment.

Early detection is now possible through LuminUltra's Quench-Gone Organic Modified (QGO-M) ATP test kit. This advanced test kit provides the user with an accurate measure of total microbial content in any liquid hydrocarbon in less than 5 minutes. Use QGO-M to help optimize biocide dosing and equipment cleaning. When it comes to fuel and lubricant management, LuminUltra’s QGO-M test is the ideal tool to help save time & money and reduce risk!

The standard for measurement of microorganisms in fuels and lubricants are culture tests such as traditional plate counts. These tests have the advantage of measuring specific types of microorganism communities such as bacteria, yeasts and molds but require days of incubation to obtain results. This means that action cannot be taken until problems are well underway. More than one measurement is also required to gauge the extent of contamination.

Rather than waiting days to obtain test results using traditional culturing methods, QGO-M provides on-the-spot results for same-shift troubleshooting. Moreover, QGO-M detects all living organisms, not just the relatively small percentage that forms colonies in typical growth media.

The ideal microbial growth control program for fuels and lubricants would incorporate the real-time, complete measurement of total microorganisms provided by LuminUltra’s QGO-M test kit, with follow-up testing done with specific culture tests to validate control mechanisms to guard against bacteria, yeast, and mold!

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the central energy carrier for all forms of life and diagnostic kits to measure ATP have been used for decades as an operational guidance tool in hygiene and clean water processes. These 1st Generation ATP tests were however prone to many interferences and inaccuracies, including organic materials. LuminUltra’s QGO-M test kit is the first and only commercial test kit able to overcome these issues!

Avoid phase separation requirements by measuring fully-mixed conventional or ‘green’ fuels (ethanol blends, biodiesel) – no water separation required!

  • Real-time feedback ensures quick action against microbial problems.
  • Complete measurement guards against equipment deterioration from MIC.
  • Perform rapid quality control checks in lines and tanks.
  • Fully portable, easy-to use equipment.
  • Compatible with any photomultiplier tube luminometer.
  • Adjustable measurement range with high sensitivity.
  • Monitor deposits and biofilms with the DSA add-on kit.

Traditional methods for measuring microbiological contamination in fuels and lubricants require days to provide feedback, which creates a lag in response to microbial threats. Use QGO-M to test organic fluids of any type, including conventional gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, plus ethanol/gasoline blends, biodiesel, lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, pipeline streams, and metalworking fluids. Whereas traditional rapid methods were restricted to testing water phases, QGO-M can be used on any pure hydrocarbon or water/hydrocarbon mixture to provide real-time, complete feedback on total microorganisms, allowing rapid assessment, correction, and validation of microbial problems on-the-spot!

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. The real-time feedback and full portability of QGO-M allows operators to identify, address, and validate threats during the same shift! And, at only dollars per test, QGO-M provides you with an affordable compliment to your existing microbiological measurement programs that helps you save time & money and reduce risks.