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Microbial testing in upstream oil & gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

On-the-spot measurement of total microorganisms! Microbial growth can be a significant nuisance in the upstream oil and gas sector. Well drilling, completion and stimulation activities can introduce microbes into a producing formation. Microbes found in the near well bore of producing wells can impede inflow, corrode tubulars and pumps and sour the formation. At the surface, production problems associated with microbial infection include corrosion and fouling of wellheads, pipelines, heater treaters, separators and storage tanks and bullets. The best solution to these problems is early detection and treatment.

Early detection is now possible through LuminUltra's 2nd Generation Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) test kits.  These advanced test kits provide the user with an accurate measure of total microbial content in all streams associated with the upstream and midstream oil and gas market in less than 5 minutes with full portability.  When it comes to effective management of oil & gas infrastructure, LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP test kits are the ideal tools to help save time & money and reduce risk!

Operators rely on biocides to suppress microbial activity in oil and gas production as well as injection, disposal and transportation infrastructure.  Traditional microorganism tests require days or weeks before results are obtained, making immediate maintenance impossible.  LuminUltra’s test kits offer significant advantages, none more so than the real-time feedback!  This invaluable feature allows operators to assess, react, and validate during the same site visit or shift!

LuminUltra’s Quench-Gone products are based on the measurement of ATP, the central energy carrier for all forms of life.  Diagnostic kits to measure ATP have been used for decades as an operational guidance tool in hygiene and clean water processes.  These 1st Generation ATP test methods were prone to various interferences and inaccuracies, including organic materials and high dissolved solids.

LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP test kits are the first and only commercial test kits that overcome these problems.  The ideal microbial growth control program in the oil & gas sector would incorporate the real-time, complete measurement of total microorganisms provided by LuminUltra’s Quench-Gone test kits, with follow-up testing done with specific culture tests to validate control mechanisms to guard against specific microorganisms.

  • 2nd Generation ATP test kits provide you with multiple benefits:
  • Test any sample type (i.e. brackish water, hydrocarbons, deposits, etc.).
  • Guard against equipment deterioration from MIC.
  • Perform rapid quality control checks in lines and tanks.
  • Real-time feedback ensures quick action against microbial problems.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of biocide treatment or cleaning programs.
  • Fully portable, easy-to use equipment and test kits.
  • Compatibility with any photomultiplier tube luminometer.
  • Adjustable measurement range with high sensitivity.

Interchangeable test kits to suit your needs:
With one equipment set, any of three test kits can be used which are each optimized for specific applications:

  • Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA) – For water-based applications up to 5% free oil content.
  • Quench-Gone Organic Modified (QGO-M) – for organic-based fluids and water with > 5% free oil content.
  • Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA) – for analyses of total microorganisms in any deposit or soil sample.

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. The real-time feedback and full portability of 2nd Generation ATP test kits allow operators to identify, address, and validate threats during the same shift! And, at only dollars per test, 2nd Generation ATP testing provides you with an affordable compliment to your existing microbiological measurement programs that helps you save time & money and reduce risks.