Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc

Microbiological solutions for the industrial industry - Manufacturing, Other

The MiL routinely performs rapid microbial identifications, confirmations, and tracks contaminant sources of all pathogenic, indicator and spoilage organisms using the latest technologies such as GC FAME, Biolog, Ribotyping, and 16S rRNA base pair sequencing. Our computerized identification databases have over 3,500 microorganisms profiled and include all pathogenic bacterial strain subspecies, yeast and molds, and actinomycetes.

Air Quality Testing
Air pollution, odor treatment, and indoor air testing.

Biochemistry and Lab-On-A-Chip Services
We perform a wide array of biochemical assays in support of our microbiological and natural product services. We can work with you provide enzyme or protein determinations to meet your needs. We have the Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 instrument which enables us to meet a variety of requirements.

Biodegradation Analyses

Kinetic Growth and Growth Inhibition Assays

Metalworking Fluid qPCR
Metalworking Fluid users are well aware of the problems caused by unwanted bacterial and fungal colonization of their fluids. Numerous species of microorganisms can cause problems in functional fluids and, barring use of clean-room techniques, all industrial fluids are plagued by constant inoculation with microorganisms.

Microbial Genetics & Vector Construction

Microcosm Treatability

Mold or Fungal Ids
Using advanced instruments, like the MicroSeqTM Fungal LSU rRNA Gene sequencing, GC-FAME, and Fungal BIOLOG to help identify mold and fungus.

Pulsed Laser Fluorescence Detection

Quantitative Real Time PCR (qPCR)

Repetitive Sequence-based PCR (repPCR)