Dragflow S.r.l.


Dragflow has been manufacturing and designing dredge mining equipments for more than 25 years. Our equipments are used in dredge mining projects all around the world giving Dragflow a wide experience in mining industry. In addition to important innovations in mining pumps, Dragflow is constantly working to improve its complete product range for mining activities.

Dragflow equipments distinguish form competitors for the ability to handle very high specific weight materials and for the possibility to work in environments with very high or very low pH values. Dragflow products are therefore widely used for mining precious metal, such as gold, as well as iron ore and mineral sands. A wide range of applications can be found also in the sand & gravel industry.

Main mining application:

  • Gold and precious metal tailing reclamation
  • Iron ore tailing reclamation
  • Ball mill sumps
  • Settling and collection ponds
  • Coal tailing relocation
  • Open pit slimes removal
  • Crusher sumps
  • Concentration plants
  • Conveyor tunnel sumps
  • Sand and gravel extraction
  • Pumping bitumen and oil sand
  • Extraction of material in deep deposits
  • Crude oil tank cleaner
  • Coke extraction industry