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Applications in the field of environmental engineering have always counted among AVA’s core competencies. We are the innovation leader for numerous applications, and our machines are known for their heavy-duty designs and associated long service life.

Conditioning of Dusts, Sludge, and Liquids

Dust, ash, various bulk materials, or sludges are humidified, liquefied, stabilized, or granulated. The result is a portable end product for disposal or recycling.

Thermal Treatment of Soils, Sludge, Suspensions, or other Hazardous Waste

AVA develops and delivers turnkey (mobile) complete plants for preparation of contaminated recyclables and waste, always perfectly adapted to your needs.

Sample applications include the treatment of contaminated filters and decanter sludge, treatment of contaminated soil and drilling mud, treatment of mercury waste, or solvent recovery.

Handling of Radioactive Materials

AVA supplies specially designed evaporators and dewaterers for ion exchanger sludges and resins generated in operational nuclear power plants. These and other concentrated, highly radioactive residue products can be cemented with specially designed AVA mixing technology before placed into final storage. For applications involving the dismantling and disposal of contaminated sites, contaminated waste water and sludge are concentrated in AVA evaporators, which reduces volumes and thus disposal costs.

Sterilizing of Hazardous Waste

AVA mixing reactors are ideally suited for steam sterilization of hazardous waste. The reactor acts as an autoclave, and temperature as well as pressure can be flexibly adjusted according to the applicable standard. Typical tasks include the treatment of infectious waste water, hospital, or laboratory waste. AVA sterilizing plants are also often available in a mobile version, for example, for use in field hospitals or on cruise ships.
Production of Refused Derived Fuels (RDF) and Mining Backfill Materials

Deciding Facts – Environmental Engineering

  • Individual solution tailor-made to your disposal task
  • Abrasion-resistant heavy-duty versions
  • Comprehensive product range from individual machines to complete plants
  • Highly economical due to low operating costs and high availability

Are you looking for a solution to your disposal problem? Then contact AVA; no task is too complicated for us, no challenge too great!