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Steelworks industry applications are characterized by their handling of highly abrasive products, setting them apart from standard processes. This results in extreme requirements in terms of abrasion resistance and durability in order to achieve maximum service life. Our horizontal mixers are perfectly suited to these extreme loads due to their specially developed heavy-duty design. AVA offers a variety of solutions in this area, in order to ensure optimal performance in your specific application scenario. Thanks to AVA custom developments, numerous outdated treatment plants have already successfully undergone conversion to modern economic processing technology in recent years.

Coal Mixers at the Coking Plant

AVA coal mixers have been in reliable operation in several coking plants throughout the world for many years now. Different coal types are homogenized and humidified in AVA mixers and continuous mixers. Subsequently, the mixture is carbonized in the coke oven battery and used as a reducing agent in the blast furnace. This application is characterized by very high throughputs, often up to 1500 t/h. AVA coal mixers are thus designed to be particularly robust and are capable of restarting in filled condition.

Dust Treatment

Dusts are generated at various points in a steelworks, and they can be recycled using AVA dust conditioners and granulators (pug mills). Examples include foundry dust, sinter dust, electric furnace dust, blast furnace dust, converter dust, furnace burdening dust, and cupola furnace dust. Special compacting process for achieving stable granules enables, for example, sinter dust to be introduced directly back into the steel melt.

AVA mixing technology allows for minimizing the amount of water added and delivers perfectly homogeneous end products.

Processing of Minerals

Deciding Facts – Metallurgy

  • Considerably reduced space requirements
  • Final product improvement through use of a forced agitator
  • Short processing times
  • Ability to add water
  • No clogging of the mixer even in the event of excessive product humidification
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick replacement of wear parts
  • High throughput capacities up to 2000 t/h per mixer
  • Special drum lining for increased durability
  • Agitator drive based on hydraulic systems, enabling a high degree of speed control flexibility

Requirements relating to products and processing operations are constantly on the rise. AVA has the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with innovative yet reliable mixing and processing technology.