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MPP water purification systems for groundwater remediation application - Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation

Toxic hydrocarbons in groundwater can be found dissolved in water diffused over the area. At higher concentrations they can be present as DNAPLs (dense non-aqueous-phase liquids) or LNAPLS (light non-aqueous-phase liquids) creating an enduring source of toxic contaminant supply to the water phase.

MPPE benefits:

  • Ideal for handling a broad range of toxic hydrocarbons (e.g. aromatics, PAHs, chlorinated/halogenated, PCBs, MTBE)
  • Able to cope with unexpected higher inlet compositions at no additional costs
  • No iron removal needed (anaerobic process)
  • Robust, can withstand e.g. Salts, humic acids, surfactants, heavy metals, dissolved/suspended solids, high/low pH etc.
  • No sludge formation (as with iron removal andbiotreatment)
  • Scope for combination with other ground- and also waste water streams in one unit
  • Has been succesfully applied in surfactant and alcohol Enhanced of DNAPLs and LNAPLs (SEAR = Surfactant Enhanced Acquifer Remediation).

Industries: oil & gas, chemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings resins, coal

Clients: Dow Chemical, LBC, Synthexim, German Government, Vermilion, Schering Plough