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MPP water purification systems for industrial waste and process water application - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Removal of total spectrum of non-polar and polar hydrocarbons proven in practice: MPPE removes toxic, non-polar, non biodegradable compounds, aromatics, poly aromatics, halogenated, chlorinated, PCBs, THT (TetraHydroTiophene), Dioxins, CS2 etc. Folowed by biotreatment removing polar biodegradable compounds. Optional: UF and/or activated carbon filtration and RO for reuse as process or boiler feed water.

MPPE benefits:

  • Small footprint
  • Upstream integrated operation with remote control
  • Scope for adding other waste- and groundwater streams for simultaneous treatment in one MPPE unit
  • Reduced sludge formation in biotreatment
  • Modular set up for large flows (thousands of m3/h)

Industries:  Onshore treatment of offshore natural gas/condensate production, LNG /gas to liquid plants, shale oil/gas produced water onshore, refineries, underground gas storage, chemical, specialty chemical and pharmaceutical (raw) material producers, chemicals/oil storage distribution industry, resin production, electornics industry, rayon/viscose industry

Clients: Gaz de France, Dow Chemical/LBC, Degussa-Hüls/Evonik, Merck Sharp&Dome, Philips, Dupont, Total-Chemicals, Synthexim, Orgasynth, Vermilion, Albemarle