Vulcan Drying Systems

Municipal Biosolids Processing - Environmental

VulcanĀ® Systems and Mannco Wastewater & Soil Solutions are exclusive partners for the biosolids market in the US, Panama, and Cuba. The BIO-PRILL is a complete system designed to produce uniform Class "A" PFRP biosolid fertilizer prills from dewatered biosolids. The system is supplied complete with all components to turn biosolids into an environmentally sustainable and soil-enriching agricultural product as well as a potential revenue stream for municipalities. Dewatered biosolids are introduced through a wet material feed hopper and mixed with dry biosolids in batch mixers. A proper ratio of thoroughly mixed materials entering the dryer ensures the consistency required to efficiently reduce moisture and to optimize the formation of Class "A" PFRP dry biosolids. Mixed material is conveyed through the dryer where the heat removes excess moisture and reduces pathogens.

Municipal Biosolids

Proprietary biosolids dryer technology ensures a uniform and consistent ≥90% dry solids end product. Processed material leaves the dryer through a knock out box and is carried to a screen shaker where it is processed to a uniform size. Any material that is too small is sent back to the dry material hopper. Material that is too large is processed through a crusher and used as starter feed for new feed stock. The size accepted biosolid fertilizer prills are conveyed through a cooling screw and emptied in a client supplied storage container. Particulate and dust from the vapor stream is collected and removed by triple cyclones. The captured particulates from the triple cyclones are transferred via a drag conveyor back to the dry material feed hopper. The vapor stream from the triple cyclones goes through a venturi scrubber and inertial separator to remove any residual particulate from the vent stream.

Large and inconsistently sized biosolids have limited use as fertilizer as they are impossible to apply with modern, precision fertilizer application equipment.

The prill size of Top Choice Organic is very uniform and similar in size to common commercial fertilizers so that it can be applied with equipment that farmers and horticulturists already use. This uniformity also allows Top Choice Organic to be blended in mixes with other commercial fertilizers to meet very specific soil fertility requirements.