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Ndir Refrigerant Sensors for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology - Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

Refrigerants such as R134a, R125, R404a and many others used in refrig-erants are combustible and extremely harmful to the environment. In accordance with the EU F-Gas Directive, refrigerating systems must therefore not only fulfil stringent leakage control requirements, but must also be equipped with a leak detection system for HHC refrigerants.

Early detection of leaks is the only way to protect human beings and the environ-ment by preventing the accidental release of coolants and refrigerants. Continuous measurement of refrigerants in the ambient air also prevents the system from running dry, minimising downtimes and subsequent costs. With a measur-ing range of 1000 ppm or 2000 ppm, low-maintenance NDIR sensors from smartGAS detect even minute refrigerant quantities – selectively and reliably. Their use in air conditioning technology can be a decisive competitive advantage. No matter what concentration has to be mea-sured under what conditions – smartGAS offers the suitable NDIR sensor