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NH3 Monitoring in Air - Energy - Conventional Energy

NH3 (Ammonia) is a colorless gas with a distinctive pungent smell. Ammonia monitoring is essential in coal-fired power plants, where NH3 is used to reduce NOx emissions. The ammonia consumes all of the NOx, but its high concentration that is needed for these purposes also starts reacting with other things and in the process can clog up filters and cause premature failure of expensive SCR equipment and pre-heaters. Not to mention that these high levels create an irreparable damage to the environment.

The TDLAS technology that Unisearch offers is a perfect NH3 analyzer. It ensures accurate ammonia monitoring in selected environments. TDLAS instruments, such as LasIR, provide:

  • Reliable data
  • Continuous ammonia monitoring and analysis
  • Gas-specific sensors adjusted specifically for NH3 monitoring
  • Easier maintenance and operation structure compared to conventional ammonia analyzers