Nighttime Supply Flow Measurement for drinking water industry - Water and Wastewater - Drinking Water

Application: Pipe with 0.1 m diameter. Full filled. Made of stainless steel. Low water volumes of approx. 3 l/s.

Definition Of Task

  • Detection of low issue quantities from a drinking water overhead tank during nighttimes
  • Replaces the EMF not working properly due to low flow velocities
  • Data transmission via GPRS to center


  • The flow measurement system Type
  • NivuSonic has been used.
  • The measurement has been installed as v-shaped single path measurement due to the narrow diameter.
  • Using the transmitter-integrated GPRS modem allows direct connection as web server.


  • Easy, straightforward and quick upgrading
  • No additional adapters and constrictions required
  • High accuracy and reliability at low flow velocities