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Nitrogen generation for the Marine, Oil & Gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Marine conditions pose a number of challenges and issues. Size, weight, rough sea conditions, corrosion, high temperatures, cargo needing protection, just to name a few.Oxymat’s Marine, Oil & Gas division produces nitrogen PSA generator systems to the marine industry with the necessary experience and know-how to address these issues. Compared to a traditional membrane based system, PSA systems significantly decrease redundancy and can cut energy consumption with up to 30%. In addition, a PSA system can produce 5% or lower oxygen levels.With the highest quality in components, PSA systems are extremely reliable with at least 48.000 running hours before CMS replacement is needed.

Types of plants
Our new X4 nitrogen generator series is based on PSA technology. The construction of the X4 series is characterized by simple construction and high reliability and the system can be adjusted to the given space on board.

Types of carriers

  • LNG carriers
  • Chemical carriers
  • Product carriers
  • LPG carriers


  • 30% less power consumption
  • High purity
  • Redundancy
  • Long life-span

Easy and quick assembly

The X4 nitrogen generators consist of small parts that can easily be taken apart and sent out to a ship wherever it is. A service engineer can install it during the ship’s voyage, contrary to most competing systems where installation requires shipyard docking of 2-3 weeks.

We have service stations in Singapore, Athens, Copenhagen and Istanbul. In addition, our highly trained marine specialists travel world wide at short notice, to trouble shoot technical problems on board.