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Nitrogen Generator for Selective Soldering - Manufacturing, Other

When it comes to being able to generate high quality selective soldering joints, you need a consistent and high purity nitrogen supply. That’s where Gas Control Systems and our nitrogen generator comes in.

Understanding the Importance of Nitrogen in the Selective Soldering Process

First off, by using a nitrogen atmosphere for selective soldering, the dross that normally happens as part of the process is reduced. In contract, in an atmosphere that is open to the surrounding environment, dross formation can overwhelm the solder nozzle and pump. This can lead to additional pump maintenance and having to stop for added cleaning.

In addition, when selective soldering in the normal atmosphere, the solder has a habit of bridging which leads to icicles forming on the component leads. Conversely, by using nitrogen, the surface tension is reduced which in turn allows the molten solder to break away from the solder site.Finally, by using higher purity nitrogen, especially during a lead-free process, a smaller nozzle can be used as the higher purity levels allows the solder to flow easily through the smaller nozzle. If this is done is an open atmosphere, then the solder wave can deteriorate and the outcome will not live up to expectation.The bottom line is that oxygen, moisture, and metals don’t mix well. By introduction nitrogen, you reduce or eliminate the oxygen and moisture in the soldering environment which in turn will produce better soldering results.

At Gas Control Systems, we manufacture nitrogen generators that allow you to have high-purity nitrogen at your finger tips on demand. Our system’s purity levels start at 95% and go up to 99.999%. Our systems are also tested before they leave our facility, so when they arrive at your plant they are ready to plug in and use.

Give us a call today to learn more about how a nitrogen generator can improve the quality of your selective soldering process.

Nitrogen Generator PSA

  • Add the convenience of making your own nitrogen!
  • Reliable, low-maintenance nitrogen production
  • Displays product purity, pressure, flow rate, and maintenance reminders
  • Lower production cost than liquid N2
  • Energy Efficient
  • Estimated 80,000 hour Valve & CMS Lifespan

Nitrogen Generator Membrane

  • Add the convenience of making your own nitrogen!
  • Manual or PLC controls
  • Portable or fixed installation applications.
  • Expandable cabinets allow for future growth.
  • Optional “auto-tune” purity controls
  • No moving parts