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Nitrogen Generators for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) - Food and Beverage

The modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) consists in the use of nitrogen food E941 in order to ensure the highest level of quality of the food during the delicate phase of preservation. The generator, ensuring a high degree of purity of the produced nitrogen adjustable and controllable in real time, represents the optimal solution in the food industry. The generator provides inert gas at a negligible cost, completely eliminating the cost of refilling the cylinders.


The nitrogen for foods E941 (standard conforming EIGA Food), produced by the generator is inflated inside the packaging allowing better preservation of food both fresh and processed to preserve characteristics sensory and nutritional for a prolonged period of time . The inert gas slows the deterioration of the product, mainly caused by the presence of oxygen and pathogenic organisms, increasing its shelf life.

Advantages of the system

  • Production of nitrogen for foods E941 standards-compliant EIGA Food, according to the regulations 2000/63/EC, and 95/2/UE 178/2002/UE
  • Extended shelf life
  • Economic system
  • Easy Installation
  • Continuous monitoring and remote management capabilities
  • Modular solutions for each application