Ecotech - 	ACOEM Group

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) monitoring

Oxides of Nitrogen (NO/NO2/NOX) is the product of endothermic reactions within combustion engines and causes significant environmental pollution. The main source of NOX is from the engine of automobiles and these pollutants are harmful to humans in their respective forms or in the creation of ozone (O3) or acid rain. NOX is most prevalent in our societies as a contributor to asthmatic conditions as well as the photochemical smog found throughout many industrialized cities.

The pollutants NO, NO2 and NOX is found in the ambient air as well as stack and naturally in background measurements. NOX is a requirement for most ambient air monitoring projects including being one of the 6 criteria pollutants required for measurement by the U.S. EPA.

Ecotech supply the following NOX analyzers for the measurement of NO, NO2 and NOX