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NMR Spectrometer solutions for the reaction monitoring sector - Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment

NMR reaction monitoring is an excellent technique for determining reaction kinetics as well as reaction end points.  The measurements are quantitative with only minimal calibration.  The signal has a linear response to concentration and it is generally not sensitive to the matrix.  The measurement is of the complete sample and is non-destructive. The Spinsolve high-resolution benchtop NMR spectrometer can be installed directly in the fume hood of a chemistry lab to monitor the progress of chemical reactions on-line. Reactants can be pumped in continuous mode from the reactor to the magnet and back using just standard PTFE tubing or using PTFE tubing plus a glass flow cell.

Magritek has created two solution kits for reaction monitoring: one using a glass flow tube with an expanded 4mm ID section in the measurement zone and minimal ID outside of that; the other a very cost effective solution using just PTFE tubing and a glass guide tube, as well as the pump.

RM Brochure Page 4 System Sketches

The pump can be set to operate in continuous or stop-flow mode to acquire points with a time resolution of about 15 seconds, is placed in the flow-loop after the magnet in order to minimise the tubing length that goes from the reactor to the sensitive volume of the Spinsolve.

The reaction itself can be carried out at temperatures of up to about 80 °C. When the reaction mixture is pumped through the bore of the magnet using 2 mm o. d. PTFE tubing, it naturally cools down to room temperature as it flows along the length of the tubing at room temperature.

The Spinsolve software enables users to easily set up either continuous flow or stop flow measurements.  See the brochure for more detail.

The Magritek Spinsolve Advantage

  • No deuterated solvents needed
  • Large sample volume for high sensitivity
  • High spectral resolution
  • Excellent time resolution
  • High stability with external lock
  • Very easy to use