Noise and vibration monitoring for iron and steel industry - Metal - Steel

The infrastructure required by the iron and steel industry is considerable, and includes a variety of rotating machines such as pumps, fans and rolling mills. Processes and operating conditions vary according to the product worked, and may involve cyclic operations, complex facilities, and stringent security and accessibility constraints.

The objectives of a condition-based maintenance programme are to:

  • minimise production losses resulting from mechanical breakdowns,
  • target and schedule maintenance work on items of equipment showing signs of deterioration,
  • maintain the quality of the finished product by detecting any anomalies (e.g. chatter or faceting),
  • prevent any incidents that may have severe consequences for people and property.

ONEPROD offers an extensive range of solutions to meet the needs of the iron and steel industry, including:

  • online monitoring systems for critical items of equipments,
  • ATEX-certified mobile systems for use in zone 0 and for the monitoring of secondary equipment,
  • the provision of a comprehensive range of services, including training, engineering, turnkey installations, structural expertise, etc.,
  • performance-commitment contracts to maintain equipment in operational condition.