Noise and vibration monitoring for nuclear power industry - Energy - Nuclear

The nuclear industry must increase the availability and reliability of its power stations whilst ensuring that a high level of safety is maintained. The principal weak points in achieving this objective are the industry`s systems and components.

In addition to management tools for the whole nuclear plant, monitoring and multi-technique diagnostic platforms must be implemented in order to:

  • improve safety at power stations,
  • establish a review system to check the condition of components and systems according to operating conditions,
  • implement a targeted and controlled maintenance system,
  • incorporate feedback from the field so as to become more proactive regarding maintenance,
  • establish a shared, comprehensive and customisable information system.

ONEPROD offers a customised, specialised and responsive service for operators of nuclear power plants, including:

  • vibration and electrical diagnostic and monitoring products with integrated complex data processing functions,
  • technical and methodological assistance during the design/system engineering, initialisation of monitoring and data processing stages,
  • secure hosting infrastructure to allow data-sharing,
  • services to maintain systems in operational conditions.