Noise and vibration pollution control for mining industry - Mining

In a process unique to the mining industry, mineral ore must be extracted and conveyed to a means of transportation in a challenging environment. This involves the use of high-power fixed and mobile equipment with complex kinematics. The entire process is carried out in cyclic and variable operating conditions with significant safety and accessibility constraints. Mining operations are also a source of noise and vibration pollution both for site workers and people in the surrounding area.

Mine operators therefore seek appropriate and effective solutions in order to:

  • avoid serious damage to mining equipment and increase its reliability,
  • improve equipment availability and reduce operational costs by scheduling maintenance work,
  • protect workers against accidents and reduce their exposure to noise and vibrations,
  • reduce the mine's impact on the environment.

ONEPROD Mining is an innovative, robust and reliable solution. It combines years of experience and technical expertise to respond to the specific requirements of the mining industry. ONEPROD guarantees the performance optimisation of mining equipment through performance-commitment contracts. The mining sector can also benefit from ACOEM's METRAVIB engineering expertise, which offers solutions for production unit malfunctions, and 01dB Environment range of products to measure sources of noise and vibrations.