Noise and vibration pollution control for paper industry - Pulp & Paper

The paper industry depends upon a continuous industrial process in which the paper machine is the central factor. This system is based on several variable speed rollers mounted on roller-bearing blocks, and damage to a single block can be enough to shut down production for several hours.

The mplementation of a condition-based maintenance programme relying on vibration measurements makes it possible to:

  • minimise production losses as a result of mechanical breakdowns, improving the availability of the paper machine,
  • minimise the cost and duration of shutdowns for maintenance by scheduling and targeting the necessary work,
  • monitor the vibration behaviour of rollers and presses, in order to manage manufacturing quality,
  • prevent any incidents that may have severe consequences for people and property.

ONEPROD offers an extensive range of solutions to meet the needs of the paper industry, including:

  • online monitoring systems for critical items of equipments,
  • ATEX-certified mobile systems for use in zone 0 and for the monitoring of secondary equipment,
  • the provision of a comprehensive range of services, including training, engineering, turnkey installations, structural expertise, etc.,
  • performance-commitment contracts to maintain equipment in operational condition.