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Air traffic is the source of several forms of disturbance to the surrounding area, including, in particular, noise pollution. Local residents in the vicinity of an airport are the most severely affected and are very conscious of the aircrafts` flight paths and the impact on their day-to-day living conditions.

Noise and flight path management is a major concern for airport managers. An airport's economic development is dependent on its ability to manage its environmental noise impact. Many countries have therefore implemented regulations imposing noise and flight path monitoring systems in order to:

  • monitor and manage noise and flight paths in compliance with regulatory requirements,
  • manage activities and improve communication between the various parties involved (including airport managers, civil aviation authorities, airlines, etc.),
  • respond to complaints from neighbouring communities by offering a factual analysis of the situation,
  • evaluate possible improvements, particularly with regard to the optimisation of flight paths.

01dB is the market leader in France, offering a fully automated and comprehensive noise and flight tracking management solution with a high level of reliability. Made up of approved DUO smart noise monitors and MAPAero software, this solution enables airport managers to participate in sustainable development policies according to environmental noise.