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Noise monitoring for airports - Aerospace & Air Transport - Airports

Airports, small and large, use noise and operations monitoring systems to reduce the noise of flight operations in the surrounding community.  Noise monitoring is generally used to evaluate noise abatement programs and to develop aircraft departure and arrival procedures that minimize the impact of aircraft noise based upon altitude, flight path, and time of day.  Noise monitoring is linked with radar tracking so that specific aircraft can be identified when noise limits are exceeded and so operational requirements can be enforced.
Larson Davis provides noise monitoring systems to airports, consultants, and system integrators with the technology and support to make a successful program.

  • Aircraft Noise Monitoring
  • Heliport Noise Monitoring
  • Helicopter Noise Monitoring
  • Runway Noise Monitoing
  • Flight Path Noise Monitoring
  • Aviation Noise Monitoring

  • Permanent Noise Monitoring: A suite of solutions that include outdoor microphone/preamps with remote calibration checks, remote data communication, weather sensors, data analysis software, all-weather enclosures, tilt-down poles, and more..
  • Semi-permanent/Portable Noise Monitoring: Noise monitoring kits that can be rapidly deployed and easily such as the NoiseTutor and the SoundExpert LxT NMS. Suitable for duration from 2 weeks on battery power to several years on AC or solar power.
  • Attended Noise Monitoring: For on-site assessments and evaluations of individual noise sources over a period of minutes or hours a sound level meter such as the Model 831 or SoundExpert LxT can be used via a tripod or hand held monitoring.

Offer Options for:

  • Open Architecture for Software Integration
  • Power Requirements
  • Installation and Mounting
  • Portability and Deployment
  • Remote Communication
  • Web Publishing and Alert Notification
  • Sound File Recording
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Open Architecture and Customization
  • 24-hr Technical Support