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Noise Monitoring for Construction / Noise Monitoring for Demolition - Construction & Construction Materials

Cirrus Environmental can supply a range of noise measurement options for construction and demolition noise applications. These range from handheld sound level meters for taking noise measurements through semi-permanent noise monitors to permanently installed noise monitoring systems, all designed to be fully weather protected for reliable long term operation.

Monitoring and managing noise from construction and demolition sites can often be a difficult task.

The nature of the noise generated can change over the course of a day and as the project develops, the location of the noise sources or the nearest sensitive property can also change and move.

If the project is of this type, it may be useful to use permanent or semi-permanent noise monitors to give a long term view of the noise levels being generated. Semi-permanent noise monitors can often be more appropriate where the noise source is likely to move or where the size of the project will change.

This will allow the location of the noise monitors to be moved as and when needed and can help to ensure that any noise limits or restrictions continue to be met.

Cirrus Environmental can offer a range of systems that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each project and site. By combining the NoiseHub software with either a portable, semi-permanent or permanent noise monitor, we can offer a simple and practical solution to meet your needs.

The NoiseHub software now allows the live noise data to be viewed online either on a PC or Smartphone with the data available through a web portal.