Cirrus Environmental

Noise Monitoring for Industry - Manufacturing, Other

For Industrial Noise Monitoring applications, Cirrus Environmental can supply a range portable, semi-permanent or permanent noise monitors as well as the MK:427 NoiseSensor for integration into existing data logging systems.

Industrial noise monitoring covers a wide range of different application from short term boundary noise measurements through to long term, permanent noise monitoring requirements.

Cirrus Environmental can provide a range of different hardware and software packages that allow any application or requirement to be met.

Where multiple locations need to be monitored, the NoiseHub software can combine from a number of noise monitors,  automatically downloading measurement and producing reports. NoiseHub also allows (where available) measurements to be viewed on a website.

Weather measurements can also be included as part of the system where needed and the data downloaded along with the noise data.

For many large sites, integrating noise measurements into an existing data logging system may be useful. The simplest way to do this is to use a 4-20mA loop and the MK:427 Noise Sensor provides just such an output. The MK:427 is a purpose designed outdoor microphone system that has the same level of accuracy and weather protection as the more sophisticated noise monitors and includes the ability to automatically calibrate the instrument using a simple +5v trigger.

The MK:427 is widely used across a number of different industries and is the simplest way to get noise level data into an existing system.