Cirrus Environmental

Noise Monitoring for Motorsport - Automobile & Ground Transport

Cirrus Environmental has been providing noise monitoring systems for motorsport noise measurement and control for a number of years and has supplied systems to some of the leading circuits around the world. Combining noise monitors with the NoiseHub software, we can provide a tailored package to meet your needs.

Monitoring and controlling noise from motorsport activities can often involve a number of different parties, each of whom can have a different set of requirements for a noise monitoring system.

Cirrus has provided a number of UK and International motorsport circuits and venues with noise monitoring systems that have enabled them to meet limits and controls that have been put in place as well as helping to maintain good relations with the surrounding population.

These systems were originally based on the SoCAR (Sound Control at Raceways) software program but this has been replaced by the Noise-Hub system. A Noise-Hub system can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each venue and type of activity and can be expanded to allow for automatic alerting of noise exceedences as well as remote access and viewing of noise data.

  • Simple operation with full on-going support and guidance from our team of experts
  • Live noise management with Noise Hub software with ‘Live alerts’ feature pack
  • Clear choice of automatic report generation
  • Proven long term performance, even in harsh environments
  • Combine fixed and portable units using Noise Hub software
  • Dedicated Motor sports edition of Noise Hub
  • Reliable, accurate, pattern approved instrument technology
  • Integration with other software systems