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The Public Demands Quieter Airports: Public demands for quieter airports and concerns about carbon footprints have brought about strict legislation that makes airport environment monitoring compulsory in many countries. Growing environmental concerns constitute one of the most serious obstacles to capacity expansion of airports.

Meet the needs of your Business and Your Community
By taking the step of measuring airport noise and air quality you can:

  • Enforce legislation
  • Minimise the noise impact caused by aircraft in both the present and the future
  • Maintain safe and efficient aircraft operations which in turn reduce carbon footprints
  • Deal effectively with noise complaints
  • Improve the environmental image of your airport
  • Predict and optimise air traffic

Community Engagement 
A new suite of community engagement modules enable airports to provide transparent programs that show the airport is serious about meeting its environmental obligations to the broader community, which in turn builds greater community acceptance. 

Fully Managed Noise Offices
Brüel & Kjær also provides a suite of tailored managed NoiseOffice solutions. We have the domain skills to run your entire noise system, from hardware maintenance to regular reporting to ad-hoc analysis of collected data, all dependent on your requirements. This frees your staff to concentrate on your stakeholders and business outcomes.

Web Delivery and Subscription Services
Many of our solutions are delivered remotely via web technology (cloud computing) on a subscription basis. Web delivery of applications ensures your systems are always up to date, so you pay for outcomes, not just technology.