Noise monitoring solutions for electroacoustics

Manufacturers of electroacoustic equipment such as loudspeakers, microphones, telephones, headsets, hearing aids, hydrophones, etc., have, for many years, successfully developed new innovative acoustical designs and introduced these into the market in the form of high-quality products.

One important reason for this success is their ability to continuously improve the products and processes. A key element in this improvement process is the ability to measure and document the acoustical performance, during both the development and the manufacture of new products.

The ability to characterise electroacoustic equipment using traditional performance specifications such as frequency response, distortion, linearity, directivity, delay, etc., will have to be combined with a wide range of other acoustical and vibration measurements.

Acoustic and vibration measurements such as those performed in material testing, modal analysis, etc., are expected to become a very important prerequisite for continued innovation and improvement within the development and manufacturing of electroacoustic equipment.