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Noise monitoring solutions for occupational health - Health and Safety

Occupational Safety and Health is a major concern throughout the world. Problems such as a broken limb, the loss of an eye or persistent backache have to be dealt with and measures taken to minimise the risk of these things happening at the workplace.

However, it comes as a surprise to many that loss of hearing caused by noise at the workplace is second only to the broad category 'disorders of the locomotor system' on the list of occupational diseases. Millions of people suffer from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), resulting in a reduced quality of life.

Hearing conservation programs are implemented in most countries and governed by international and national standards and legislation. Any such program involves an assessment of the noise problem, noise control and noise reduction measures. Important aspects of hearing conservation programs are the management of data, reporting of progress and the retrieval of data, for example, when claims are made.