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Nuclear/District Survey or Environmental LIMS - Energy - Nuclear Power

The Matrix LIMS Nuclear Monitoring Solution is a versatile, comprehensive LIMS solution that is available for district survey, liquid discharge, gaseous discharge and chemistry applications. It is a highly configurable software system, suitable for environmental and chemistry applications within the nuclear power generation industry. It applies to both generating stations and during decommissioning. Access to the system is controlled by a comprehensive security system utilising a class based structure relating to job function and / or authority.

Benefits of Matrix LIMS for Nuclear Applications include:

  • Scheduling and monitoring of sampling plan, including pre-registration of samples
  • Easy identification of statutory and non-statutory samples
  • Pre-printing of sample labels and sampling location details for collection rounds
  • Test sets automatically applied to samples at registration
  • Custom reports to meet requirements of Environmental Agency quarterly and annual reporting

Registration allows sample details to be entered manually, or via a scheduler that performs this task automatically, for samples from sample locations or for ad-hoc samples. Routine, non-routine, statutory, non-statutory, historic and/or ad hoc samples may be registered.

The sample collection function includes the pre-printing of sampling work lists, map locations of sampling points, with directions, and labels for sample containers. A distinction can be made at this stage between statutory and non-statutory samples with colour coding being used on screens to indicate which samples have been, and which have not been, collected.

Test definitions are created to exactly match the requirements of the nuclear industry. Test results can be entered manually via a keyboard or directly using links to instruments such as gamma spectrometers and scintillation counters. Remote result entry can be done using a hand-held computer configured using the powerful tools supplied with Matrix.

Sample status screens are provided, colour coding is used to differentiate the different status levels e.g. scheduled, collected, tested and validated.

A variety of reports are supplied with the system, including a 12 point rolling average trend report with nested limits and alarms specifically required by the UK Environment Agency.