Ocean Visuals AS


Ocean Visuals Oil in Water Locator (OWL™) System is built on patented Hyper-spectral Laser-Induced Fluorescence (HLIF) LiDAR sensors, capable of detecting hydrocarbons on a molecular level, part-per-million (ppm). OWL™ offers real-time detection, verifica

Sensor system application areas:

Oil spill detection, verification and classification - realtime

Post cleaning control

Environmental conditions monitoring - realtime

Alarm verification 

Cleaning process optimization 

Waste & produced water discharge monitoring

HLIF LiDAR technology features: 

•Direct detection of oil molecules on water surface and in water column - NO false alarms

•Distinguishing of oil from other organic materials in water – High detection selectivity

High selectivity 

•High sensitivity - parts per million (ppm) – LOW level pollution detection 

•Oil classification capability by matching the hypermatching hyper-spectral patterns with samples in a reference library

Technology of Hyper-Spectral LIF LiDAR sensor systems - features: 

Hyper-spectral Laser Induced Fluorescence (HLIF) LiDAR is a laser system for sensing the water column with  alaser pulse and analyzing the high-resolution spectrum of echo-signal in response to it. 

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