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Helping Others Clean Up The Earth By Clearing Up Brownfield Remediation Odors

Brownfield remediation consists of removing large amounts of soil that have been saturated with tar, oil or other contaminating substances. Not only dangerous to handle, the disturbed soil is often infused with very unpleasant and in some cases potentially nauseous odors.

Ecosorb products eliminate these odors without the use of any masking agents. What’s more, they also help alleviate some issues associated with gases like hydrogen sulfide. Most importantly, they eliminate odors using a natural, environmentally-safe formulation. Best of all when it comes to soil remediation, Ecosorb products offer scalable solutions to fit virtually any project, including contaminated sites as small as one acre.

And don’t worry about the details. We’ll work with you to select the right delivery system and product to neutralize odor safely and affordably. In fact, Ecosorb products are even available for rent or purchase for remediation purposes.

Contact OMI to discover how easy it is to eliminate offensive smells resulting from Brownfield remediation with biodegradable Ecosorb odor control products.