Odor control for the food industry - Food and Beverage - Food

The food industry has a wide range of different production processes. Each process uses its own production technology. The food industry has very high standards when it comes to hygiene. Installations and ducting must be made out of stainless steel, in order to be cleaned periodically. Aerox has a lot of experience within the food industry and its specific demands.

Fine powders, produced on spray dryers.

Cheese powders to be used on pizzas, or flavours such as garlic, are produced on spray dryers. The odour concentration in the exhaust air, coming from the spray dryer, can be very high. The smell from these processes can be detectible up to miles from the factory, and likely cause odour complaints.

Cereals, using thermal processing techniques.

Cereals are produced using thermal processing techniques (puffing and extrusion). In addition to the desired product, however, the thermal processing of cereal grains produces undesirable by-products such as strong odours. These strong odours can cause problems for those living in the area and may lead to complaints.

Our solution

Aerox can provide a tailor-made odour control solution fitting inside the factory and complying to the requirements on materials (SS304).

Over the years Aerox has done a lot of on-site pilot tests worldwide to determine the efficiency of our technology compared to other technologies such as scrubbers and biofilters. In all cases the Aerox-Injector achieved at least the same or a higher odour reduction, without the use of chemicals, fuel or (waste)water.

The odours, coming from spray dryers or cereal production processes, can be efficiently removed using an Aerox-Injector. The Aerox-Injector is always installed at the end of a production line, just before the process air is exhausted from the factory. Depending on the process conditions, one Aerox-Injector can treat air flows up to 60,000 m3/h.