Odor control for the pet food production industry - Food and Beverage - Food

Your problem

The pet food industry produces dry food for dogs and cats. In addition, there is the so-called `wet pet food`, producing canned dog and cat food, with amongst others cooking processes.

Particularly in dry pet food factories in extrusion and drying processes smell arises (odour) which inevitably is emitted through the chimneys. Sometimes also the grinders can cause odour.

The odour emission of a pet food factory can be high and can lead to odour nuisance in the surroundings of the factory, which obviously is not nice for the neighbours and will influence the image of the factory.

Our solution

Aerox B.V. has over 15 years of experience with the solution they provide, namely combined waste gases of the odour resources, such as extruder (transport; flash-off); dryer and cooler and treating this with one compact Aerox-Injector.

The Aerox-Injector can treat airflows up to 60,000 m3/h resulting in 80 - 95% odour reduction. The treated air, emitted through the chimney, will not give any nuisance anymore.

By implementing the Aerox-Technology many companies worldwide have already chosen for a natural 'green' solution, which not only benefits the relationship with their neighbours, but certainly also their company image.