Odor control for the tobacco industry - Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment

You problem

The tobacco industry produces cigarettes; cigars and rolling tobacco. Tobacco leaves are the main raw material. During the production process the tobacco leaves undergo various treatments such as; humidification, drying and cutting.

The odour comes from the dryers, among others. Through central air exhaust systems, all air submitted from these processes is blown out to the outside via a chimney. Because this is very large waste air flows, and the characteristic tobacco odour is very strong, the probability of nuisance may be very large.

The tobacco industry attaches great value to her image. Many years ago this industry has taken measures to prevent odour nuisance which the environment could experience. Chemical scrubbers were often applied. Meanwhile, there are more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions available such as the Aerox-Injection technology.

Our solution

Since mid 2005 Aerox B.V. has developed, in close cooperation with world players like British American Tobacco (B.A.T.) and Shanghai Tobacco, specific Aerox®-Solutions which effectively deodorize outgoing air.

By treating airflows up to 80,000 m3/h with one powerful Aerox®-Injector, nowadays dozens of units have been installed worldwide which have proved to realize odour reductions over 90%.

This is why Aerox is 'approved supplier' and 'best available technology.'