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Odor control solutions for industrial sector - Manufacturing, Other

Malodors can commonly be the by-prodcut of many industrial and manufacturing processes. Oil refineries and petrochemical plants may generate large volumes of odor from the processing and refining of different fuels. Sulfides, mercaptans, and hydrocarbon compounds are all closely related to the petro-chemical industry. The odors generated from these industrial compounds are of a high nuisance value and generally create concern among local air boards and the public communities which surround these plants.

Malodors generated by the food processing industry vary enormously since they can be generated in the production, processing, and wastewater treatment areas of the plant. Regardless of the source, all of these odors may be offensive to the public. Meat processing and rendering plants have a difficult time controlling malodors because they occur naturally when organic material sits for a while. Some food processing facilities have their own wastewater treatment plant whose lagoons smell due to the high organic load (fats and greases) in the plant influent. Moreover, sludge generated during the water clarification step in the plant may also generate malodors.

Industry and manufacturing has long been a prevalent cause of nuisance odors. Often these typical odors can be sourced from:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Mercaptans
  • Sulfur Dioxide

Ecolo provides an environmental and effective allternative to neutralize these odors and all others associated with todays intensive industrial processess.