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Odors control for solid waste - Waste and Recycling

A solid solution for solid waste odors. All areas of solid waste handling are, by nature, odorous affairs. Municipal sludge, municipal solid waste, landfills, composting and co-composting facilities all generate odors that can be offensive to workers and the community at large. The process is a complex one, with multiple drops, collections, transfers and sortings of recyclable and non-recyclable material. Combustible materials are then incinerated for energy production.

Different types of solid waste generate diverse odors. Wastewater sludge generally makes sulfide compounds while composting and co-composting facilities generally emit nitrogenous compound odors. Gases given off from municipal solid waste landfills contain large amounts of methane, but since methane is odorless, it is the more odorous mercaptans that cause the nuisance.

As with most odors, agitation intensifies emissions. When solid waste is offloaded or compost rows are turned, bad odors dramatically increase. Whether in a localized area or to surround a composting shed or landfill, Ecosorb products can be used to control these malodors. Dispersion systems can also be added to site hardware to control odors as they are released by machinery such as graders and tillers.

Transfer Stations.
Due to the function of transfer stations, they always seem to be located in areas near neighbors, and nobody wants to smell trash. Ecosorb atomization nozzles can be located directly beneath the ceiling of these stations over load-out and tipping areas to control the smells associated with this handling of the waste. As a side benefit, our high volume atomization systems suppress dust along with the odor.

Sludge Composting.
Municipal sludge from wastewater treatment plants is often composted in indoor facilities, posing significant odor control challenges. Ecosorb products, atomized in concentrate form with nozzles or humidifying fans, control odors even in very large composting facilities.

Many landfills also produce fertilizer through processing municipal sludge. They also produce different types of gases in municipal solid waste landfill sites. When transport vehicles dump their loads, disturbing solid waste odor-causing compounds, significant odors are released – a problem solved by applying Ecosorb products through oscillating fan systems.

Encapsulate Solid Waste Odors.
Ecosorb odor eliminator is also available for use in a Spray Gel application, which topically caps odors from escaping into the atmosphere. The environmentally friendly Ecosorb Spray Gel can be evenly dispersed onto trucks hauling solid waste and around landfills to neutralize malodors. Made up of only natural ingredients, the Spray Gel has been recognized by 'Environmental Protection' with a New Product of the Year Award in the Air Quality category. It's an ideal solution for compost applications where traditional systems are not the preferred solution.

Looking for a green odor control solution? Contact OMI to learn more about the unique earth-friendly attributes of our Ecosorb odor management systems.