Weather Analytics

Offering data to support research & education projects for universities & laboratories - University / Academia / Research

Weather Analytics is a partner for Universities and Research Institutions. An estimated one-third of an average research project is spent in finding and preparing the data required for its execution. Weather Analytics saves universities and research institutions time searching for, aggregating and cleansing weather data by pre-processing the best available climate data from NOAA and all available weather station observations. Weather Analytics is the source for project-ready bulk weather data. We provide global geographic coverage, gap-free 33-year history, easy access and precise hourly seven-day forecasts.

Laboratories and universities around the world use Weather Analytics data to support their research and education projects, and you can too:

  • Obtain hard-to-find profiles for New York or New Guinea
  • Model and manage energy use and production
  • Build profiles of historical weather trends and events
  • Support global agricultural analysis and planning
  • Find the best locations for renewable resource optimization