Weather Analytics

Offering historical climate data, current weather conditions & seven-day forecastes for government sector - Government

From aviation to public safety to weather disaster response, Weather Analytics provides historical climate data, current weather conditions, and seven-day forecasts for anywhere in the world. Weather Analytics supports operations, management and decision-making with comprehensive historical climate data and accurate forecast conditions – perfect for profiling and predicting risk.

Weather for Aviation

Weather Analytics provides accurate, global and easily accessible climate intelligence for historical, current and forecast weather conditions for aviation:

  • Quickly find surface conditions for takeoffs and landings - whether in San Diego or Afghanistan
  • Find alternate airport location surface conditions and forecasts
  • Provide historical information at airports for logistics planning

We find, assemble and format comprehensive weather data so that you don't have to. Our data is delivered in easily accessible formats that allows you to focus your efforts on global aviation risk mitigation and planning for visual or instrumental flight rules.

Weather for Public Safety

Our weather intelligence allows law enforcement and public safety officials to quickly understand what threats they face in order to plan for and increase responses in a time of crisis - anywhere in the world - on land, on water or in-flight.

  • Plan for extreme weather events
  • Discover and mitigate current weather threats
  • Re-route first responders around severe weather
  • Correlate weather patterns with crime statistics
  • Create safety measures for events like wildfires and hurricanes based on history and forecasts