Hoover Ferguson

Offshore Containers & Equipments - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Hoover Ferguson believes in offering multiple solutions to their customers. With the severe and rugged requirements of the offshore industry, equipment must stand up to the most rigid requirements. Not only does Hoover Ferguson provide DNV certified frames, containers and baskets, but the Liquitote 550 gallon and 793 gallon IBC tanks have been designed with a center drain to provide easier handling and servicing. With lifting capabilities of 2.5 times the maximum gross capacity, and heavy duty lifting eyes the Liquitote® is an ideal offshore tote tank.

Hoover Ferguson offers the following offshore equipment:

With safety always being of primary concern, Hoover Ferguson's Liquitote® IBC's have eliminated the teardrop eyelet and now have a reinforced shackle design which allows a 4-part sling to be used when transporting the IBC or tote tank from one location to another.

At Hoover Ferguson, we not only offer product solutions but service solutions as well. We combine the right product with the right service to ultimately meet all of your needs. These services include: custom tanks, a rental program, and a tote tank trade-in program. Contact us today to see how we can provide offshore equipment to meet your unique needs.