Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil separation and removal systems for Marine industry - Manufacturing, Other

Oil spills on bodies of water happen. And, in the marine industry, these spills or leaks result in immediate mixing of oil and water.

To remove oil or fuel that leaks or spills into surrounding water, oil skimming mounting systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. can be configured for use on any type of water vessel – from small fishing boats or work platforms to large barges. With significant benefits to those in the marine industry, skimming solutions offer advantages such as:

  • Effective oil removal regardless of water level (low or high)
  • Enhanced environmental responsibility through decreased environmental impact
  • Decreased reliance on chemicals by removing oil from the water’s surface efficiently and economically


While not designed for large volume removal required on open seas, oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. are ideal for marine applications where water is shallow and access is limited. For example, when oil reaches the shore or works its way into inland waterways and marshes. Additional application examples include:

  • Bilge water
  • Bayous and Tidelands
  • Harbors and Marinas
  • Boomed areas