Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil separation and removal systems for Metal machining industry - Metal

In the metal machining industry, oil used to lubricate equipment can leak into coolant during the machining process. When oil is not removed from coolant, the coolant can deteriorate and bacteria can grow. Additionally, wastewater and wash water pick up coolant and oil during the machining process – any coolant or oil must be separated and removed to ensure compliance with wastewater regulations.

Oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. deliver a variety of benefits to those in the metal machining industry. Remove tramp oil to:

  • Extend the life of coolant (potentially doubling) and reduces replacement and disposal costs
  • Reduce problems caused by tramp oil such as clogs and equipment wear, breakdown
  • Eliminate bacteria growth. Bacteria growth leads to the use of biocides and results in possible dermatitis/rashes for operators.
  • Eliminate foul odors that stem from bacteria growth
  • Create opportunities to re-use both coolant water and lubricating oil
  • Increase filter life - decrease filter replacement, cleaning and maintenance
  • Increase equipment life and efficiency - and reduce maintenance costs due to less clogs and cleanings
  • Eliminate time and money spent on filtration/breaking down the coolant, discharging water and disposing of the concentrate and/or hauling away the entire coolant mixture


Examples of oil removal applications in the metal machining industry, include:

  • Coolant reservoirs designed to collect and re-dispense used coolant
  • Pits where oil and water meet after being used together as coolant and lubricant in machining.
  • Sumps and pits that collect wastewater and wash water
  • Parts washing and machining fluid stations
  • Process water areas where coolant is applied to metal parts to eliminate heat, act as a lubricant, etc. (collects spilled or leaked oil as well as oil resulting from process itself)